About: Talkin’ ’bout a resolution

Every New Year’s Day I struggle to find resolutions for the coming year- at least, those that I will manage to keep for longer than a few days. Like everyone else, life takes over; I am running just to keep up with myself, and nothing has yet been important enough to load onto the treadmill with me. Last New Year I finally found something that deserves the effort. Let me explain…

I spent part of my childhood in the hazy heat of an African city, teeming with people, vehicles, animals. My earliest memories are of noise and bright colour, tastes that were sharper, smells which were stronger than they are here, out of Africa. When circumstances forced our sudden departure we left behind a few of the people closest to our hearts: Bapuji, Ba, Indira, Sudhir and Anil. Bapuji is ninety-eight, and still working, although he has cut down to six and a half days a week. Ba is a ninety-year-old pocket-sized powerhouse. Together with their daughter Indira, and son-in-law Sudhir, they look after their son Anil, who is severely disabled with cerebral palsy and has an enviably logical mind. They have always been inspiring but my awe increases with every year. On New Year’s Eve, then, I decided that I would telephone them once a week, and that I would write down their story, which stretches between India in the 1920s, to the African present.

A couple of questions require explanation:

Why am I doing this in the form of a blog? Well, it will make me write something regularly. When faced with a substantial project and no target I have a tendency to procrastinate. Additionally, the family is scattered around the world and (take note, family), if they can comment on the blogs with their own memories, then a fuller picture will develop.

Why haven’t I written anything until November if this began in January? See my previous comment on procrastination. In my defence, since January we have moved to a new city, my husband and I have found new jobs, my daughter has started school and my toddler son has developed his impressive talent for escape and destruction.

Now, make a cup of tea, grab a Bourbon and read on.


16 thoughts on “About: Talkin’ ’bout a resolution”

  1. I’m so pleased you have decided to do this Kin, I always thought ba and bapujis story would be really interesting to be explored. As I have very, very little recollection of Kenya I am really interested in reading the next instalments!

    Really good writing style btw, very accessible but evocative.

    1. Thank you. I have always thought that they are pretty inspiring, but through writing this I am finding out new information which just increases my appreciation (and encourages me to get up and do stuff rather than being lazy).

  2. Hi Mangocage,

    Your blog is shaping up beautifully!

    My apologies for not having dropped by again sooner. I do love reading your family stories, it’s just that since last we talked, I’ve been discovering a seemingly endless supply of fascinating blogs I want to read.

    As such, I’ve come to rely heavily on my Reader. Since you don’t post all often – *understandably so* as you have so much on your plate – I am too easily distracted by what appears in my Reader everyday! (Must be a case of too much exposure to my ditzy labrador…squirrell!)

    Thank you so much for following my blog. It is greatly appreciated. 🙂

    I’ll be back after seeing to a few things to catch-up on your writing since last we talked. 🙂


    1. Thanks Wordsgood. My toddler managed to ‘unfollow’ some of the blogs I follow, so I’ve had to correct that. I’ve got into writing now, although, as you say, I have little time and have to squeeze in an hour or two a week. I was SO excited about being selected as one of the VOTY and being freshly pressed- great encouragement to keep writing. I’ll have a mosey through your blog this afternoon, if I can.

      1. Yes, my toddler has helped me to unfold all my newly folded clothing and laid all of our shoes neatly in lines- on the stairs! Thank you Wordsgood.

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