Begin again

IMG_1284 - Version 3OK, here’s your starter for ten. Question: I feel like a room without a roof. I’m clapping along. Which emotion am I feeling? Go on, take a guess.

Yep, I am giddy with happiness this fine morning. Positively brimming. Why the joy? Bapuji, Ba, Indira and Anil landed at Heathrow airport an hour ago. Finally, finally, we will get to spend time with them, hear their stories, help them live in a different way: a better way, a far less difficult way. There will be so many people around who want to make life easier for them, or just to spend time in their company. And they, in turn, will know us again. Since they last knew us well we have all grown and changed, with children of our own, in some cases. Bapuji and Ba will meet their newest great-grandchild: two pairs of eyes which have witnessed over 190 years between them will gaze into small, dark eyes which first opened two weeks ago. How do you start a new life when you are a hundred years old? We will find out. That is all.



4 thoughts on “Begin again”

  1. Hi Kat- thank you- it’s been a while since I wrote, but the little person is keeping me busy! I’ve been trying to keep up with your travels. It’s good to be back on WordPress again.

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